Abhati Suisse

This rich, velvety lip conditioner is made from our high grade botanicals and packed full of antioxidants.

We use Sea-Buckthorn, a fruit with an abundance of health promoting bioactive components. Wild crafted & collected from the Himalayas, it is the richest natural source of vitamin A (beta carotene) & omega 7 and loaded with tocopherols (Vitamin E). Our tests have shown high levels of salicylic acid, a gentle exfoliator, perfect for lips.


Periya Body Cleanser is formulated with nourishing oils, natural antioxidants and botanical extracts to gently cleanse, hydrate and invigorate your skin. Free from toxic chemicals and harsh foaming agents, this luxurious, plant-based formula contains a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs to refresh and nourish your skin. Subtly scented with fresh, botanical fragrances, your skin will smell as good as it looks.


Infused with nourishing essential oils, antioxidants and powerful botanical extracts, Kanva Body Lotion has been carefully handcrafted to hydrate, soften and protect your skin.

Fortified with lipid-rich plant oils, to deeply moisturise and repair your skin from environmental damage, our moisturising blend will take your skin from dry and scaly to hydrated and smooth with every application.

Your skin will smell as good as it looks thanks to our uniquely curated fragrance.


Grab the Nomads Kit and go on a discovery

Mahanadi Lip Treatment 10ml
Yamuna Nourishing Shampoo 50ml
Mahakali Nourishing Conditioner 50ml
Periya Body Cleanser 50ml
Kanva Body Lotion 50ml

Join the journey towards a dream, a vision, a mission and a cause.


Purvanchal scented candle is an exquisite blend of White Lily, Amber and Ginger, made with the finest natural ingredients from the Indian Himalaya and the Swiss Alps, curated by award-winning fragrance designer Geza Schoen.

The soothing and harmonious soy candle comes in a simple, elegant glass jar at the center of which is a red wick, symbolizing the Indian woman’s Bindi.

Composed of 12% essential oils (compared to the standard 2%) the Abhati Purvanchal candle will seduce you with its enchanting, rich scent.


This signature luxury hand wash contains a dream, a vision, a mission and a cause.

The hand wash’s rich recipe combines traditional remedies like anti-oxidizing Moringa Oil from India and antimicrobial Swiss Alpine Edelweiss as well as other natural extracts to purify, soothe, balance and regenerate your skin. OHWTO will leave your hands soft and refreshingly fragrant, with just one drop.