Intelligent Nutrients


Harmonic Shampoo

A non-toxic, colour-safe shampoo that is made to deliver the most benefits with absolutely the lowest impact-except when it comes to a minty wakeup call of an aroma.

Harmonic Conditioner

A non-toxic, lightweight & colour-safe conditioner made specifically to deliver the most benefits with absolutely the lowest impact–except when it comes to a minty wakeup call of an aroma.

Leave-In Conditioner

A must for anyone with fine-to-medium textured hair who styles with heat or fights frizz. Use to diffuse curls or to power a blowout.

Add a bit to dry hair as a final finishing product. Add to fringe for a touch of definition. Perfect for color-treated hair. Contains Intellimune oil to rebuild hair’s health from within.


Pureluxe Shampoo

This luxuriously creamy and rich shampoo:

Delivers a non-toxic and sulfate free formula for gentle, color-preserving cleansing

Protects the natural oils found on hair and scalp without stripping or causing build-up

Helps repair, manage, soften, condition, replenish, smooth, and add shine

Has a low pH to help reduce color fading

Pureluxe Conditioner

This nourishing, lightweight, silicone-free conditioner:

Contains protein and moisture-rich emollients help restore and smooth the cuticle layer and protect the hair shaft

Helps repair, manage, soften, condition, replenish, smooth and add shine

Provides a low pH that helps reduce color fading

Refreshes with Lemongrass, ylang ylang and geranium-that also preserves the formula

Spray-On Detangler

A true detangler with light conditioning benefits, it’s ideal for hair that likes to tangle, snarl and generally act out. Spray to ends only to keep them clean and super shiny after a blowout.

Babyfine hair will love this in lieu of regular conditioner. Intellimune makes hair stronger and shinier. Comb freely.


PurePlenty™ Exfoliating Shampoo

Gentle, yet active sulfate-free formula sweeps away buildup to open follicles for a healthy hair cycle and hair movement.

Preps the scalp for optimum penetration of the Serum.

PurePlenty™ Density Building Conditioner

Nutrient rich formula is perfect to apply to hair—not scalp. Supports density and volume, creating a thicker, shinier appearance.

Body building plant bioactives help restore from within.

PurePlenty™ Nourishing Scalp and Strand Serum

Nutrient-rich leave-on serum inhibits DHT and promotes thriving follicles to support a healthy hair cycle.

Makes fuller, thicker hair happen by going to the source.


Pureserve™ Colour Saving Shampoo

The silky plant-based sulfate free agents are mild on scalp and gentle on hair color while offering excellent cleansing.

The lock-loving light lather helps carry away the build-up from the day without over-drying or stripping the needed natural oils.

Pureserve™ Colour Saving Conditioner

The lightweight conditioning lotion keeps the bounce while still leaving the hair feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

Cuticle smoothing; nutrients help enhance shine for optimized reflection and color vibrancy.

Pureserve™ Colour Shield

The lightweight multi-use enhances shine, locks in moisture and helps protect from environmental pollutants that can oxidize color and attack hair health and vitality.

Styling Products

Styling Gel

A firm holding gel for styling wet or dry. Perfect to build texture and volume in any length or texture. Flake-free and safe for color-treated hair.

Use with Harmonic Shampoo & Conditioner or any DeStress products to build the therapeutic experience of the aroma blend.

Volumizing foam

Volumizing Foam creates light memory and soft hold from the latest patent-pending science using Larch Tree Resin.

Quillaja Saponaria (soapbark) an evergreen tree delivers lightweight, non-stick foam.

Volumizing Spray

We called it volumizing because all the other benefits-finishing on dry hair, curl enhancing and frizz fighting, style reactivator-wouldn’t fit. Hair gets volume, bounce and hold while feeling free of “stuff.”

This wake-up call for hair does the same for hair care, proving you can have style without faux fragrances, chemical preservatives and petro-ingredients.

This multi-tasker is a traveler’s must-have. Perfect for color-treated hair.

Curly Hair Serum

This serum defines and energizes curls, while providing shine and a smooth, soft finish. Controls unwanted frizz.

Patent pending Larch Tree Resin provides light hold without dulling or weighing curls and waves down.

Patent pending Castor Emollient quickly calms the cuticles to reduce frizz shape and define. Decreases styling time.

Straight Hair serum

This certified organic leave-in hair serum moisturizes and protects hair from dryness with light holding and styling properties that promote smooth, straight, glossy hair.

Patent pending Larch Tree Resin provides hold so your straight styles last longer without dulling, building up or flaking.

Styling Pomade

Define curls, defrizz and straighten hair

Flexible-hold pomade adds shine and definition while repelling moisture and humidity

Smoothes frizz and flyaways, creates texture

Moisturizing formula with tropical butters / oils add incredible gloss

Helps twist natural, highly-textured hair and manage locks

Protects against heat styling

Perfect Hold Hair Spray

“Hair spray” is just the beginning. This truly food-grade spray ingeniously applies certified organic plant power to give you styling time with lasting hold.

Get a silky, thickening hold that combs through easily and will not deliver faux-dandruff flakes. Free of plasticizing agents, phthalates and questionable preservatives found in conventional hairsprays.

Replenishing hairspray

Certified organic soft hold hair spray is for dry and/or damaged hair. Moisturizes, adds light shine and hold while smoothing flyaway’s. Natural, non-aerosol, plant-powered formula smoothes frazzled hair without residue, flaking or build-up.

Ideal for building hold and restyling in seconds.

Delivered with the latest patent-pending science using Larch Tree Resin, a gentle ingredient which doesn’t irritate the scalp.

High Shine Spray

Nourishes and protects to keep hair looking healthy and shiny

Tames frizz, controls flyaways

Creates separation, dimension, shine and color vibrancy

Helps protect hair from environmental elements

Gets dry or dull hair hydrated, gleaming and happy

Adds shine to locks, afros, braids, twists and twist-outs

Hair and Scalp Treatment Remedy

This one’s full of Intellimune plus a powerhouse of certified organic jojoba seed, apricot kernel and safflower seed oils to create healthy hair (and skin) where it did not exist.

Nourishing fatty acids deeply repair and moisturize while addressing inflammation. It clarifies the scalp and skin while restoring elasticity and moisture. Great for color-treated hair in need of moisture.