Marian Newman
An internationally renowned nail expert, Marian creates immaculate and inspired designs for advertising campaigns, editorials, music videos and major fashion shows for the top designers in the world.

The craftsmanship and knowledge of Marian and her team will be available to provide the best nails in London, if not the UK. With a prescriptive approach, considering the health and condition of the natural nail, each experience is unique. From an immaculate polish to the newest innovation that repairs damage from within the nail plate, there will be the perfect nail service for every client.

Marian will be available for personal consultations and prescriptive services by appointment. Her team will be available at the Atelier every day. Book in for a consultation and discover the ideal service to put health and glamour back in your hands.
Can be provided during your Atelier hair service.
15 minutes£25
Mini manicure
20 minutes£35
with hand massage
25 minutes£40
Mini pedicure
20 minutes£40
with foot massage
30 minutes£45
with CND Vinylux
30 minutes£45
Spa manicure
45 minutes£50
45 minutes£50
Spa pedicure
60 minutes£60
CND Shellac Manicure
40 minutes£80
CND Shellac Pedicure
50 minutes£100
CND Shellac Reapplication
60 minutescomplimentary
Removal is complimentary for Shellac that has been applied by Marian Newman: Nails @ Josh Wood Atelier Beauté
CND Shellac Removal
20 minutes£30
CND BRISA LIGHT SCULPTING GEL– for creating longer nails
The superior strength allows nails to be lengthened to create the perfect shape and finish. Coloured versions of the gel can camouflage bitten nails, cover damaged nails and lengthen the nail plate while still looking perfectly natural.
Brisa Lite full set of lengthened nails
75 minutes£110
with polish
90 minutescomplimentary
Brisa Lite maintenance
45 minutes£75
Every 2-3 weeks for regrowth
Brisa Lite coloured gels full set
90 minutes£140
For a French Manicure finish or camouflage
Brisa Lite coloured gel maintenance
60 minutes£90
Every 2-3 weeks for regrowth
Brisa Lite removal
30 minutes£35
Brisa Lite can be applied to individual shorter nails within any nail service and will be charged at £12 per nail
IBX is a revolutionary system that works as a natural nail strengthener, protector and repairer. Jojoba and avocado oil are encouraged to penetrate deep into the nail, where they are locked in with a penetrating toughening agent that fuses together the top layers. IBX remains in the nail but reapplication with every nail service is recommended.
IBX strengthening and repairing treatment inc full manicure
45 minutes£75
with polish
60 minutescomplimentary
with Shellac
60 minutes£110
IBX can be applied to individual problem nails and will be charged at £10 per nail
SOLUTION SERVICES – for weak or ridged nails
CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel is the newest product on the market that can strengthen weak nails and cover unsightly ridges. It is the Power Partner to CND Shellac for those that want a 3 week service.
Brisa Lite manicure (leaves nails with a clear high gloss)
40 minutes£60
with polish
50 minutescomplimentary
Brisa Lite with Shellac
50 minutes£90
60 minutescomplimentary
Removal is complimentary for Brisa Lite that has been applied by Marian Newman: Nails @ Josh Wood Atelier Beauté